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Welcome to the website of the Calgary Basketball Officials Association


CBOA’s mission is to recruit, train, promote and provide consistent, professional officials to all basketball leagues in Calgary and area.

CBOA Officials Selected for ASAA Provincial Championships

Congratulations to the following CBOA officials on their selection to the ASAA Provincial Championships

4A Boys: Magrath
Dave Bennett, Brenton Pilling, Andrew Poetker, Ian Pollard

4A Girls: Chinook (Lethbridge)
Adrienne Raczki, Erica Layton, Pat Cabel, Evan Picton

3A Boys: Churchill (Lethbridge)
Rob Izsak, Doran Davidson

3A Girls: Lloydminster
Melissa Foltinek, Sasha Eaton

2A Boys: Picture Butte
Yan Joseph, Cam Broadhead

2A Girls: Didsbury
Laurel Hunt

1A Girls: Clearwater Academy (Calgary)
Leslie Todd, Sasha Licina, Joe Lam, Archie McLellan

Commissioner's Info

1. Email
Please read emails from the assignor all the way to the end. There is usually a response wanted.

2. Arbiter
Start using a professional attitude towards your usage of the arbiter. Place blocks in promptly.
Family issues such as birthdays and anniversaries need to be put in immediately for the year. Not blocking these events off is not an acceptable excuse this year. Fines could be given out. There needs to be reasons for declines as well as turnbacks.
If you have issues with your assignments on the day of the game, YOU MUST PHONE THE ASSIGNOR.

3. Schedules of games start September 9th. Womens Masters league
September 11th – Womens B league
September 13/14/15 – Calgary Corporate Challenge
September 15/16 – Senior Mens league
September 16th – Senior Womens A league

4. The Senior mens league has expanded and included one more division. They have also included one more venue Vision Academy in the South.
Dick Vanderstam

Uniform Guidelines for Calgary Senior Men’s Basketball

CSMBA Uniform Requirements
• Each team player must wear the same colour of uniform with player number on the front and back
• Uniforms need to be reversible or teams can have two sets of colours
• Duplicate player numbers are NOT PERMITTED in any game
• Before Thanksgiving, if a team does not have a full set of matching uniforms, the opposing team
gets ONE pre-game free throw for EACH illegal uniform
• After Thanksgiving, teams will be allowed ONE player with an illegal uniform as long as it is the
team colour. The opposing team will get TWO pre-game free throws
• NO ADDITIONAL players with illegal uniforms will be allowed to play
• If a team needs additional players with illegal uniforms to avoid defaulting a game – only enough
players to field a team of five will be allowed. In this case, the opposing team will get TWO pregame
free throws for each uniform violation. The offending team will also be fined $50

• Numbers must be permanent – tape or otherwise temporary ones are NOT PERMITTED
• DO NOT SPLIT HAIRS WITH COLOUR – if a jersey is CLOSE but not exactly the same shade of
the team’s colour – ALLOW IT unless it could be confused with their opponent’s colour
• The scorekeepers are supposed to have a copy of the league rules with them – THEY are the
FINAL judge as to whether a uniform is allowed or not
• Remember the goal of the uniform rule is to make sure:
o All players have permanent numbers on their front and back
o All members of a team have the same coloured uniforms

Info From the January 2014 General Meeting

The following items are PDF documents of slide presentations made at the January meeting:

1. High School uniforms
2. Catholic Jr High No Zone Rules

Click here to download these documents.

Sources for Basketball Officials Uniforms

Secretary Adrienne says these are the sources she often uses for officials uniforms.

Basketball Referee Apparel

Basketball Referee Uniforms - Ump-Attire

HONIG'S Whistle Stop

Adrienne will also give you help with sizing and recommendations. Call or email her.

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